Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A beautiful singer

"Building up the temple," that was her choice song today. I truly enjoy her when she is a good, cute, respectful child (I know its hard to believe, but she is not always like that.) She was sitting on the couch singing to her dolly. I loved the sound, and the picture so much I think I was staring at her. (good thing she didn't notice, she defiantly would have stopped.)

"Building up the temple, building up the temple, building up the temple of the Lord." ("Lord" was drawn out and sang with a certain southern drawl, really not sure where she got that from)

The picture was certainly one any mother would be happy to witness. Here was my beautiful child singing a song about building up the Lord's temple.

Isn't she the Lord's temple? Didn't Christ say "let all the little children come to me?" Did he not love the children and treat them like they were the greatest gift in all his creation? 

Am I building up his temple? Can I honestly say that this temple God has given me, is well cared for? Are my words always building her up? Are my though,ts always pure and undefiled when it comes to this precious temple God has created?

There is another song that the kids listen to that talks about them being his masterpiece, he created them, and he has plans for them to do great big things. I need to remember that they will go on to do great big things, and they will take with them this childhood, always. My job is to make their childhood a good one, while still teaching them the tools they need to be what god would have them to be. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs, but I think it is one of the most rewarding one's too.