Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding significance Part 2

Once again I find myself wondering, what it is God has for me? What is my purpose? Where can I find my significance?

I wake up grumpy thinking, what is it today? What are they going to fight over? Am I going to get any of my house work done? Am I going to have any time for myself?

I start my morning ritual. Skipping my quiet time, because I just don't have time. I have three children coming today, I need a jump start on my house work. Girls wake up, the usual. Some days just feel so mundane and so boring. Honestly, I dread getting out of bed some days simply because I fail to realize the significance of doing just that. My motivation is simply not there. I feel blinded to the importance of my existence. I greet mothers with a smile, wondering what the day ahead will bring. I start my chores, grumbling, wishing someone would wait on me for once.

 I sat on the couch to change a diaper and I knew my attitude had to change. I need a pick me up. There has to be some significance in my day. This day has to mean something. I started to think of who I am to those in this house with me.

I play miss fix it, I'm a referee, a cook, a cleaning service, a diaper changer, a kisser of boo boos, a disciplinarian, a secretary. I'm a teacher, a principle, an exterminator of the scary ants. A listener, a story reader, a giver of hugs. A mother, a friend, an aunt, a role model. I provide a laundry service, a cooking school, and a warm bed to sleep in.

I'm really not sure if I could find a better purpose than that!

Suddenly I had a new zest for the day. It didn't matter if I received thank yous or I love yous. I found comfort in knowing that this day, this moment, I was the only person in this world that was providing these services to these children. At this moment in time, I was the only adult they had contact with. If that wasn't enough for me, I was simply too selfish and smug to deserve the attention of these beautiful children.

I take comfort and purpose out of the fact that God gave me this time, this day, with these children. How was I going to live it? How was I going to make it count?

My significance today can be found in a lunch table full of children, laughing and filling their bellies.
Where was your significance found today?