Friday, April 6, 2012

Love beyond my wildest dreams

With Good Friday on my mind, all I can think about is Love.

 Do I really know what love means? Do I have the right to say that I love?

It's said often, "Christ died for us, because he loves us!"

That is so hard for me to comprehend. He came to this life, knowing it was going to be hard. He knew he would be tempted, he knew he would face angry, bitter people. He knew his friend would betray him. He knew he was not going to be accepted. He knew he was going to be found guilty for a crime he didn't commit. He knew he was going to be beaten and mocked. He knew he was going to be nailed to a cross. He knew how painful his death was going to be.

He still came, he faced his temptation with victory. He loved those angry bitter people. He still made Judas his friend. He was kind to those who did not accept him. He said nothing in defense when they accused him. He said not a word of malice when they beat him, and mocked him. He did not fight them when they put nails through his hands and feet. He was thinking of me when he was on that cross, in terrible pain.

Now that's love. I may not be able to comprehend it, but I will accept it. Jesus died for me, so that I could spend eternity in heaven with him......  

He love me!