Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Searching for significance!

Recently I was at a gathering of distant relatives, I was talking with a distant Aunt...

"So you don't work right? you just stay home,"

Just.... Just....

Oh my blood started to boil
Ok Lord give me loving words toward this women who clearly does not agree with me staying home and caring for my children.

"Yes I stay home with our children," Phew I even had a sweet tone and a smile Thank you Lord
Oh, but she wasn't done yet

"Aren't you afraid they will become unsocial?"

"No, my girls are very social,"

"Don't you get stir crazy?"

"No, I love being home with my girls, God has blessed us, I'm grateful I can stay home."

"I hope your husband doesn't rule over you!!"

Ok I was really getting sick of this, I needed someone to intervene, this women was aggravating me. Just then, almost like he heard his name called, Jeremy came over

"I'm gonna head over and get the girls honey," He gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed for the door. Not before giving my aunt a hug and telling her we should get together again soon.

I just looked at her with a big smile and walked away. I love my husband, he proves my family wrong time and time again.

I believe I am so very lucky to have my husband. He does every thing in his power to make sure we are taken care of. I never wanted to work after we got married. I did, until we had kids and even some after Lily was born. He enjoys having me home, and I love it.

Recently I told someone that my home is my ministry. I didn't really know at the time where those words came from, but they are so true.

My home is my job. My kids are in my care. I don't miss any part of their young lives, because I am with them through it. They come to me with all their boo boos. I am their teacher, their model, their friend and their guide. I am their road to God's saving grace, through example and teaching. I have the opportunity to mold their souls while they are young.

I am lucky and count myself blessed to have the opportunity to raise my children, and see them everyday. God has put a stir in my soul to be home, with my kids. He is equipping me more and more eveyday for the calling he has put on me.

Some days I think I'm not doing anything significant for Christ. Teaching my children is the greatest significance I can ask for. They count on me, love me, and need me. God has given them to me, if I push them to the side, it's as if I am pushing Christ. I am called to serve my family, even if that is dishes and laundry.

Seems there were too many obstacles I let get in my way of God's calling in my life. God has given me my purpose, I would encourage you to bask in God's purpose for you. He has called all of us to something. We must grab a hold of his calling and trust God to enable us, because He will.

God Showers (blessing 2)

In no particular order of course:
Blessing #2

My family picture

We aren't always looking the right way. We aren't always smiling. We aren't always at our best. But we are together. We have each other. We were put together only by God's hands. I am truly thankful to say "this is my family"

A new way of cleaning

Doing my mundane task of dishes, thinking of supper plans. Here comes my brown eyed beauty
"Mommy, will you tickle me?"

Well, I stopped my chore, looked at her with a serious face. Not being able to hold my look any longer I gave her a grin and she ran off laughing, that belly laugh that melts my heart.

I caught her not too far away and proceeded to toss her on the couch. At that age they tend to have this infectious giggle that I can't seem to grasp. I was laughing right with her.
I stopped to catch my breath and she continued to make me laugh.

Well what an invitation. I continued my attack on her, smiling at my apparent upper hand.
"Mommy tickle me here,"

Wasn't going to turn that down.

"Here mommy,"
Each time, was a different place. We continued this game until I think I tickled every part of her body. She was so precious in my eyes at that moment.

As we lay there on the couch, she was panting and still giggling at the thought of being tickled so much, she sighed.
"You tickle me alot mommy, "still trying to catch her breath.
"Yes I did, I think I tickled everything,"
"Yeah, every part."

Every part
What she didnt' know, was that at that moment, the heavenly father was telling me
I need every part Sarah!

He even wanted the little things. But was I ready to give it to him? Every bit of me? Was I willing to let him touch everything I was? Everything I stood for?
Everything, Every part
So hard to let him see every closet I've made for myself. I even tend to tuck things away, way back in there. Almost like I'm afraid I'll need to put my guard up again toward them. I needed a good cleaning, and not the kind I use rubber gloves for. A reminder that God will cover all those wounds, no matter how small they may seem.