Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A new way of cleaning

Doing my mundane task of dishes, thinking of supper plans. Here comes my brown eyed beauty
"Mommy, will you tickle me?"

Well, I stopped my chore, looked at her with a serious face. Not being able to hold my look any longer I gave her a grin and she ran off laughing, that belly laugh that melts my heart.

I caught her not too far away and proceeded to toss her on the couch. At that age they tend to have this infectious giggle that I can't seem to grasp. I was laughing right with her.
I stopped to catch my breath and she continued to make me laugh.

Well what an invitation. I continued my attack on her, smiling at my apparent upper hand.
"Mommy tickle me here,"

Wasn't going to turn that down.

"Here mommy,"
Each time, was a different place. We continued this game until I think I tickled every part of her body. She was so precious in my eyes at that moment.

As we lay there on the couch, she was panting and still giggling at the thought of being tickled so much, she sighed.
"You tickle me alot mommy, "still trying to catch her breath.
"Yes I did, I think I tickled everything,"
"Yeah, every part."

Every part
What she didnt' know, was that at that moment, the heavenly father was telling me
I need every part Sarah!

He even wanted the little things. But was I ready to give it to him? Every bit of me? Was I willing to let him touch everything I was? Everything I stood for?
Everything, Every part
So hard to let him see every closet I've made for myself. I even tend to tuck things away, way back in there. Almost like I'm afraid I'll need to put my guard up again toward them. I needed a good cleaning, and not the kind I use rubber gloves for. A reminder that God will cover all those wounds, no matter how small they may seem.