Thursday, June 28, 2012

How big are we really?

Jeremy and I enjoy watching this station that has alot of shows on history and creation (non biblical) and there was a show that had NASA scientists on talking about recent discoveries.These NASA Scientists are discovering new things about our galaxy, and even that there are many new Galaxys they don't even know exist.

On this show they were talking about Dark Matter. At first it creeped me out, sounded like they were talking about something evil. The reality was they didn't seem to know what it was themselves, they just had to give it a name. Basically this matter makes up 70% of our galaxy and they don't know what it is.

We also get this creation magazine and it has so many awesome stories in it. Scientists focused the Hubble telescope on one part of the sky that was dark, and let it focus for several days. After the time was up, they discovered that in that small spot there were ten thousand new Galaxys.

Also, scientists were researching the size of the galaxy and they had a theory saying that with the big bang happening, at some point the galaxy should be closing in on itself. However, that theory got blown to bits when they discovered it is actually growing at an even more rapid rate than before.

Made me smile and I think it makes God smile when he sees us trying to figure out his creation and I think he loves to stump those people we think are the smartest on earth. I truly think God has given these men and women job security with his creation. 

I think it amazing  when I look at God's smallest creatures, but the Galaxys? Wow, I'm in awe when I think of how big God's creation is, and how much bigger his is than all that he created.

I think the key to being in a place where God can use me, is in realizing just how small I really am in comparison to his entire creation. He hand made everything our scientists are still discovering(and will always try to understand). Yet, he made me in his image, he made me for a special purpose, for a higher calling. How many times do I question? How many times do I demand to know?

I should know by now, that a God that can create all this, surely knows whats best for me. So I will trust, I will follow him, and to the best of my ability, I will live my life pleasing to him.