Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Let Go!!!

"What is God telling you today?"

I was reading a piece someone posted today and this was asked at the end. It made me think about my present situation.

I believe God is telling me to "Just let go..."

Let go of this stress I have. Let go of this baby I'm holding too close. Let go of this group of girls I hold so dear. Those knots that are tied up in my stomach... let go of those too! Those words that I allow to pierce my heart, those definitely need to go.

"Just let go... you can not carry this load... but my arms are big enough."

God's arms are open wide to me and all that I hold. I can not control the outcome of anything in this world. Therefore I do not have any need to hold on to anything that I carry,

I tend to make it my "Job" to control my environment. Or worse, let my environment control me. I let myself get carried away with something that means nothing at all in the end.

I can only control myself, and sometimes I don't even think I can handle that much. God has put me in these shoes because I fit them. I need to allow God to direct my steps.

Let go and let God