Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stay still

She is just wiggling and squirming. She smells so horrible and I desperately need to change her.

I lay her down on the table, she is standing before I can grab a new diaper. 
I swat her and lay her down again
"Breia, you have to stay still, your diaper is yucky,"
I grab a diaper, and she is on her knees.
I swat her and lay her down
"Breia, I need to change your diaper,"
I manage to get her pants off. I reach to open the wipe container, she is rolled over on the table
I swat her and lay her down
"Breia, stay still I need to change your diaper,"
Everything is ready, and take her diaper off, as Im trying to clean her, she is desperately trying to rip her legs away from my grip. Now she's upset because my grip got tighter. (I was not going have more of a mess to clean up)
I finish cleaning her up and she is on her feet before I can grab her (bare behind, mind you, laughing all the way)
So I gave her a swift swat to her bare behind
"Breia, mommy needs to get you dressed, lay still."

With much effort I manage to get her dressed, and set her down to play, only to have her now attached to my leg. She was clearly making a choice to fight me all the way through that diaper change. The whole ordeal lasted twenty minutes. We were both greatly exhausted, and my nerves were about shot.

Now, don't I wrestle with God, as Breia wrestles with me?

The bible says, we are the clay and he is the potter! How is he ever to mold, and make us who he wants us to be if we don't let him?

Now, Breia didn't have a choice. I was going to change her diaper, at some point, no matter how much she fought me. In many ways that's true with us and God. The events of this life are going to happen, weather we like it or not. It is up to us weather or not we are going to let God use us as a productive tool in his work. It is up to us to stay still, while God breaks us down and molds us into the people he wants us to be.

Will you sit still?
Will you let God Mold you?